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Cornerstone’s team has spent more than 20 years dedicated to working with biotech companies of every shape and size. Your industry is incredibly dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-evolving. Cornerstone’s team has extensive expertise working with US, EU, and A-Pac-based biotech companies. We follow your lead and adapt our pace and process to your specific needs while offering a wealth of expertise and real-world evidence.

Industry Expertise
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Hiring at US & International Biotechs

Each biotech is unique and needs its story told.

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Track Record of Experience

Our team has spent decades partnering with diverse biotech organizations across the globe.

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All-In-One Hiring Solutions

Our solutions include executive search, growth expansions, department buildouts, candidate assessment, leadership development, talent pipelining, and market mapping.

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Everything You Need for Your
Biotech Executive Search

Cornerstone handles each partnership with a personalized and completely customized approach. We adapt and customize our services depending on your unique time and place in the market. This consistently changes during the constant ebbs and flows any biotech will face. We have seen it all and we use that experience to adapt to your specific needs.

Growth Mode

Utilizing our decades of expertise, Cornerstone works hand in hand with the hiring team and other human resources leaders and executive management to structure a customized growth plan for your biotech executive search spanning all relevant functional areas, bench to bedside.

Constant Change

More times than not, biotechs are faced with uncertainty and need to adapt and respond quickly and efficiently. Cornerstone’s partnership in your biotech executive search stands strong through the inevitable ebbs and flows that you may face. We offer decades of expertise and different solutions to face these challenges.

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