Cornerstone has spent over 13 years developing relationships with generics companies of every shape, size, and specialty.

Specialty Business, Specialty Candidates

Your industry is specialized, fast-paced, adaptable, and efficient. We understand and appreciate your hiring needs, so we can work quickly and find the best candidates for the roles.

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Move at Your Speed

We follow your lead, understand your process, then move. With our network of relationships built over 13 years, we have the ability to streamline the process and get things done as quickly as you need.

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All-In-One Hiring Solutions

Executive search, growth expansions, department buildouts, candidate assessment, leadership development, talent pipelining, and market mapping.

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Pay for Performance

With our milestone-based pricing model, you only pay when you see results.

Your success is our success.

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Generics Industry Expertise & Understanding

Cornerstone has lived and breathed the Generics Industry for over 13 years. We have the network of relationships in every specialty area, and we are confident we’ll find the specific and unique talent required to thrive in this competitive, efficient, specialized, and constantly adapting landscape.

We have partnered closely with many diverse generics clients including big generics, mid-size, specialty, biosimilars, retail, and start-up.

We have also dedicated over 13 years to understanding and appreciating the various international cultures of this diverse space – partnering consistently with generics companies in the US, India, China, and Europe.

Generics Industry Expertise & Understanding
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Constant Change

Generics companies are continually faced with change and uncertainty and need to adapt and respond quickly and efficiently.

Cornerstone’s partnership stands strong through the inevitable ebbs and flows that our generics clients will face.

We offer decades of expertise and different solutions to face these challenges.

Other Areas of Industry Expertise