Since 2000, Cornerstone Search Group has been strictly dedicated to serving the life sciences industry. We are strategically organized to adapt and customize to each unique client, offering specialized solutions to meet your specific needs.

When choosing a search firm, life sciences organizations need to ask themselves: who’s actually doing the work, building the candidate relationships and representing us in the market?

At Cornerstone, it’s our Partners and Practice Leaders. Our five Partners have an average tenure of 18 years at Cornerstone. These same Partners are not only managing our client relationships, but they also are working hand-in-hand with the candidates, driving the process and successfully landing you the talent you desire.

It’s easy to become enamored with a prestigious business development team, but are these the people actually managing your search?

About Us - Bucket

Continuity, Culture, Family

When people ask what makes Cornerstone different, the answer is simple: it’s our team. We are a family of professionals. Our average tenure for all employees is over 12 years. This trust, familiarity, dedication and knowledge are in our DNA.

With Cornerstone’s history entirely focused in life sciences executive search and hiring solutions, we have spent over two decades carefully honing our craft, constantly improving and adapting to the market. Our team, process, dedication and shared mission have been trusted by so many of the world’s most successful life sciences companies, while also serving the next generation of success stories.