Whether it’s a critical executive search, a larger expansion project, market mapping or pre-hire assessment, Cornerstone Search Group offers one-stop, customized services.

Exclusively Life Sciences

Cornerstone Search Group has been connecting and building global networks of relationships across biotech, pharma, start-up, generics, non-profit, and everything in between for over 20 years. We are strategically organized to adapt our business offerings and processes for your unique position, timing, environment, culture, dynamics, and budget.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Cornerstone’s executive search team has managed successful searches for many of the most prominent and influential organizations within life sciences, while also dedicating a significant amount of our services to smaller, future success stories.

Whether it’s Johnson & Johnson, Regeneron, Takeda, a VC-backed start-up, or a non-profit biotech, we offer customized, performance-based Executive Search Services to fit every client.

Specialized Expansion & Scaling Solutions

If you’re a start-up building from scratch, a larger organization merging and reorganizing, or an international company setting roots in the US, Cornerstone has developed efficient, cost-effective, specialized expansion solutions.

Based on your needs, Cornerstone offers everything from consultation with your HR team to full-service, outsourced HR operations. Our nimble, experienced team can adapt to your unique environment so you can grow quickly and effectively.

Specialized Expansion & Scaling Solutions
Talent Pipelining

Talent Pipelining &
Market Mapping

In an increasingly dynamic market, you’re looking for guidance on effectively planning, building, and scaling your teams. Whether it’s for a single position, one department, or across the entire organization, Cornerstone delivers by partnering with your leadership team.

Our specialists will do the heavy lifting by providing you with over 20 years of industry data as well as real-time market intel, allowing you to make well-informed, critical decisions.

Pre-Hire Assessments &
Leadership Development

Make the right hiring decision, backed by science and experience. Our leadership team brings a combined 40-plus years of organizational and behavioral development experience. This lets us dig deep into the candidates’ character, style, and cultural fit, offering critical data points and analysis to support making the most effective hiring decision.

After hiring, Cornerstone can continue to provide executive coaching, cultural and diversity development, etc. ensuring your new hire is successfully adapting and bringing value.

Leadership Development
Rescue Searches

Rescue Searches

Allow our nimble and adaptable experts to save your search.

We understand how difficult it is to choose a search firm. The many variables that come into play don’t always work out as expected. Cornerstone has successfully rescued countless searches for our clients.

Given our strict focus within Life Sciences, we have completed searches from bench to bedside and have the right Practice Leader to turn your search around and get things back on track. We offer flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions to save your search. Regardless of your unique situation, our Leadership Team can offer consultation and share forthright market intelligence to determine the right path forward.

Our Successful
Executive Search Partners

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Building Better Companies, Building Better Careers®

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Our Mission-Driven Urgency

As an executive search firm entirely focused on life sciences, we mirror your mission and operate with the same sense of urgency to help treat patients as quickly and effectively as possible.

Over 20 years, we have placed countless key executives and leaders into organizations that would later provide life-changing medicines and therapies to patients. It’s this shared mission that drives us every day and leads to a successful partnership.

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Flexible, Personalized, Customized

First, we learn about you – the science and mission behind your company, your approach, strategy, timing, culture, and environment. We determine what you’ve done and where you’re going.

We don’t fit a square peg into a round hole. We develop a customized recruitment plan based on listening to you first, then utilizing our 20-plus years of industry knowledge to suit you best.

Each of our clients is unique and offers different dynamics. We believe all candidate interactions should be handled by an experienced executive search leader. Partners manage all searches at Cornerstone, end-to-end, including candidate interaction and relationship management.

When you work with Cornerstone, you’re guaranteed a highly successful Partner to lead your search with an average tenure at the firm of over 15 years.