Cornerstone founded our Manufacturing & Supply Chain Practice in 2009. We have partnered with leading Big Pharma, generic, mid-sized and growing biotech companies to find the right operational, technical and scientific talent to build these sophisticated and critical teams.


Pharmaceutical Executive Search for Manufacturing

Life sciences manufacturing and supply chain expertise differs from any other industry. The regulations, sophistication and technical demands are second-to-none. Fortunately, Cornerstone has been an industry native since 2000.

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Process and Speed

Our practice is built to operate in a nimble and straightforward manner, ready to match the speed and demands of all our clients.

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Focused Network

Our network is built upon personal relationships specific to life sciences manufacturing & supply chain, not a diluted professional social network.

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Diverse Expertise Across All Levels

Our capabilities include recruiting for manufacturing, operations, supply chain, CMC, science/technology, quality and engineering.

The Cornerstone Approach

Dedicated, Adaptable, Results-driven Solutions

Cornerstone’s dedicated Manufacturing & Supply Chain Practice has partnered with a diverse client base since 2009. We adapt our service offerings and process to meet the unique needs of each client. What remains consistent is our drive to deliver world-class results no matter the project.

We’ve partnered with companies from around the globe and offer competitive service offerings built around a pay-for-performance, milestone-based fee structure.

Generics/Manufactruring & Operations

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Cornerstone realizes that your need to find specific talent and skills for your specific operation is unique. We offer several solutions and can customize each to your specific requirements.

Our Executive Search model is ideal if you are looking to hire a particular senior leader. This can also be supplemented with our Leadership Assessment expertise to assure you are hiring the right executive.

If you need to build out an operational team, our talent mapping  or growth expansion/build-out approach offers a cost-effective approach to growing a team quickly.

Searches We've Completed In This Area

Connect with our Executive Leadership Team so we can learn more about you, understand your needs, build the right
Practice Area Leadership Team and customize the appropriate solution.


  • Head/EVP/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir
  • Site/Plant Leadership (VP/ED/SD/Dir)

Supply Chain/Logistics:

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir 

Manufacturing Sciences and Technology (MSAT):

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir 

Chemistry Manufacturing Controls (CMC):

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir

Quality Assurance:

  • Head/VP/ED/SD/Dir

Quality Control:

  • Head/VP/ED/SD/Dir 


  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir 

Other Functional Areas of Expertise