You’ve narrowed down your candidates to the final few, but you want more data to make the best choice. Executive Assessment Services from Cornerstone give you insights you may have missed during the interview process, with the data and objective analysis to back up your decision.

Decades of Dedicated Experience & Data
for the Most Informed Decision

Cornerstone’s Pre-Hire Assessments & Leadership Development Team is specifically dedicated to their craft, with combined 40-plus years of experience consulting for hundreds of diverse companies. Many competitors have candidates fill out a simple online questionnaire and call it an assessment. Cornerstone’s detailed process consists of extensive hands-on interviews and the most up-to-date assessment tools all performed by focused experts in the field.

Corporate Functions
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Deeper Questions

Our assessments ask deeper questions to learn how your candidates respond in situations based on previous experience and personality.

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Useful Data

These answers provide direct objective data points you can use to make an informed decision when comparing your candidates.

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Ongoing Development

If your new executive team member needs or wants leadership development, we coach them beyond the hiring process.

IAVI engaged CornerstoneSG to recruit a Vice President of Business Development and Alliance Management. With their deep network in life sciences, they were able to find highly qualified candidates from across the pharmaceutical industry and academia. We would use CornerstoneSG in the future, and recommend their services.

— Ana Cespedes, Chief Operating Officer
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Beyond the Hiring Process

What are Executive Assessment Services

Making the right hiring decision is critical to your long-term organizational success. Cornerstone offers an empirically validated, pre-hire assessment process to complement existing interview-based hiring practices.

Our executive assessment services provide you with a snapshot of validated personality metrics as well as an analysis of critical problem-solving abilities and emotional intelligence measures. This will allow you to envision the candidate immersed in your company’s culture, and determine how their strengths, stylistic preferences, values, characteristic problem-solving approaches, and much more will likely play out in the workplace.

When to Use Leadership Development Services

It is always the right time to invest in the development of your organization’s leaders or future leaders. These fully customized services can provide a framework for guiding your leader to refine their current skill sets or rise to meet a particular challenge in your dynamic, ever-evolving workplace.

Whether it is improving established skills to promote continuous learning, providing guidance on how to navigate change, or strategies for responding to challenging situations, Cornerstone’s leadership development services provide a personalized approach to ensure your leaders’ learning doesn’t stop.

Other Services