Whether it’s a Chief Medical Officer or a recent fellow looking to break into the industry, our life sciences recruiters have lived and breathed physician-focused executive search for decades.

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Academic Excellence

Our Physician Leadership Practice has been partnering with MDs for over 20 years. We understand their unique and critical position in the industry and treat them with the respect they deserve.

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Across the MD Spectrum

Regardless of the department, specialty or level, our life science recruiters have handled every type of MD search within the life sciences industry.

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Diverse Clients

We have performed CMO searches for many biotechs and start-ups, while also managing countless SVP through director-level assignments in Big Pharma.

Physician Leaders, Spanning the Life Sciences Spectrum

All-in-one Physician Leadership Solutions

Over 20 years, our Physician Leadership Practice has been led by the same Senior Partner to help our clients find the strongest MD talent for their specific needs.

Industry physicians are critical to the success of any life sciences organization. Our practice has experience working with all levels of MDs within the industry and with companies of all sizes.

Whether it’s a critical leader such as the chief medical officer, head of clinical development, medical affairs or drug safety, or more supportive MDs at the director or senior director-level – we handle all of our searches with the same level of respect and attention that is required to attract this unique talent set.

Physician Leadership

Physician Leadership Assessment

Whether an executive CMO or an academic MD new to Industry, physician leaders play a dynamic and critical role within life sciences organizations. Recruitment and retention of such highly accomplished and educated professionals require significant specialization.

In addition to the Senior Partner who has managed this team for over 20 years, we further offer specialized Physician Leadership Assessments  in order to make certain you are hiring the right MD.

Hire your physician leaders with confidence that is built upon over 20 years of experience along with the security of a highly specialized Leadership Assessment Team.

Searches We've Completed In This Area

Connect with our Executive Leadership Team so we can learn more about you, understand
your needs, build the right Practice Area Leadership Team and customize the appropriate solution.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Development Officer

Clinical Development:

  • Head (EVP/SVP/VP/ED), Clinical Development
  • Head (EVP/SVP/VP/ED), Early Clinical Development / Translational Medicine
  • TA Head (SVP/VP/ED/SD), Clinical Development
  • Product Lead or Indication Lead (ED/SD/Dir/AD), Clinical Development


Medical Affairs:

  • Global or US Head (EVP/SVP/VP/ED), Medical Affairs
  • TA Head (SVP/VP/ED/SD), Medical Affairs
  • Product Lead or Indication Lead (VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD), Medical Affairs

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance:

  • Head (EVP/SVP/VP/ED), Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance
  • Product Lead or Indication Lead (SD/Dir/AD), Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Other Functional Areas of Expertise