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Listen and Learn

First, we understand your plans, process, and short/long-term goals.

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Expectations & Framework

We utilize our decades of experience with global organizations expanding into the US to share pragmatic strategies.

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All-In-One Hiring Solutions

Executive search, growth expansions, department buildouts, candidate assessment, leadership development, talent pipelining, and market mapping.

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Building a US-based Executive Search Strategy

You’ve decided to build and expand in the US. Has your strategy for attracting talent adapted to this unique and extremely competitive market for talent?

Cornerstone has spent more than two decades with international companies of all shapes and sizes, with the same common goal in mind – growth in the US market. We have witnessed companies succeed and others fail.

While respecting your unique and diverse culture, you will need to adapt to this market to attract top talent. We work closely with your executive team to develop the right executive search strategy that speaks both to you and the US market.

Our team of experts has the dedicated experience working with international life science companies from bench to bedside to C-suite, and we can offer a variety of services to meet your specific growth goals.

International Companies

One Chance to Make Your First Impression

Who is telling your story? Your first impression to the marketplace is too important to leave in the hands of a less-experienced firm or junior associate from a larger search firm.

At Cornerstone, highly sought-after candidates are directly communicating with Partners at the firm with an average tenure of over 15 years. Throughout our entire search process, we expertly attract and land the right talent, while also appropriately and effectively sharing your compelling story to the US market.

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