Cornerstone Search Group’s emphasis on culture is reflected in everything we do. Whether it’s our professional family, the clients and candidates we serve, or through our philanthropic efforts, we treat each individual as critically important, unique and with the utmost respect. Every opportunity we have to make a connection is a chance to make an impact.

Cultural Pillars

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Respect Diversity

The life sciences industry is rich in diversity. We embrace this and find meaning in connecting unique people and building relationships.

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Always Listening

We thrive to listen first, understand and take your lead. Every hiring decision is critically important to the client and candidate.

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People join the life sciences industry to make a difference in patients’ lives. It’s inspiring and why we have stayed strictly focused on life sciences since 2000.

Your Success is Our Success

Our Culture Supports Your Goals

Our Culture Supports Your Goals

Company culture is the way people feel about their work. At Cornerstone, we feel a constant personal connection and professional obligation to each individual we serve.

It’s not the process of filling a position that drives us. It’s our ability to find the right person for the right company, ultimately allowing each candidate to grow their career and enabling each client to find the right talent – to reach their final goal of getting treatments into the hands of patients.

Everyone is touched by illness and injuries. We have the opportunity on a daily basis to effect change and save lives.

Expertise with Urgency

The life sciences industry is fast-paced, dynamic and ever-changing. In short, it can feel like there is not enough talent to keep up with the speed of innovation. As such, it is critical for Cornerstone to also serve our clients with a competitive edge and urgency to find them the talent they need.

The market waits for no one. Cornerstone stays one step ahead and ensures a process and deliverables that will move at your specific urgency.

Expertise with Urgency

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