Whether you need support as a newly-funded start-up, a biotech company expanding after positive early trial results, or a larger organization going through an M&A transaction, you can rely on Cornerstone to navigate your various stages of growth.

We have a proven, nimble, cost-effective, and customized solution for your needs.

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Growth Is Both a
Science and an Art

As pharmaceutical recruiters focused strictly on life sciences for over 20 years, we’ve partnered with countless organizations of all shapes and sizes across diverse expansion, build-out, and scaling projects.


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Grow Confidently and Consistently

You are serious and committed to the right growth: send that strong, consistent message externally to the market and internally to your people. The same experienced voice across the entire growth plan makes the difference.

Let our expertise guide you through this mission-critical, dynamic process.

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Why Choose Cornerstone Search Group?

Growing quickly and effectively is a daunting task for any organization. It requires a razor-sharp focus, dedication, and extensive resources – things that are difficult to ask of an internal hiring team that also has with its own day-to-day responsibilities to perform.

At Cornerstone Search Group, we believe your business needs customized attention, to achieve the results you want. Because we are exclusively pharmaceutical recruiters, we already know the specific challenges of your industry, and can move quickly to implement your growth plan.

We create an efficient, cost-effective, timely, fully customized plan specifically for you.

Each and every position within your growth plan deserves the same level of attention and dedication as our traditional Executive Search model.

Led by a highly specialized and experienced Partner within the firm, your customized search starts to take shape. We work hand-in-hand with your hiring team in order to create a winning plan of action, based on performance milestones and a clear understanding of expectations.

We built our trusted process over 20 years of specialized executive search within the life sciences space. During this time, we have developed an expansive network of relationships, that we couple with a cutting-edge approach to our research, outreach, follow-up and advertising campaign to find the candidates you want.

From here, your search remains in the hands of a trusted Partner, who plays an active end-to-end role. The candidate relationship is led by the Partner all the way to the offer stage and eventual onboarding.

Cornerstone understands and appreciates the significant financial investment any growth project requires. As such, we work with you to find economies of scale and develop a winning formula for both sides.

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