With decades of experience entirely focused on life sciences executive search consulting, we understand the urgency to find the critical hire you need for delivering therapies and cures to patients around the world.

Strictly Life Science Specialists

Decades of life sciences executive search consulting gives Cornerstone a unique understanding of the distinct “industries within the industry.” Each is similar but has very important differences. It takes dedicated, experienced senior leaders to understand that a candidate who fits in start-up biotech might not be the same person for a Big Pharma.

Industry Expertise


Cornerstone has spent decades firmly planting roots across all three biotech hubs in the US – Boston/Cambridge, California/Bay Area and NY/NJ/PA – while also partnering with other firms in smaller, more difficult geographies to attract talent.  

Biotech is first-in-class, ultra-competitive and difficult to differentiate. We’ve lived it for over 20 years and know how to help. 


Trusted for over 20 years, Cornerstone is located within a 60-mile radius of most Big Pharma US headquarters. With long-standing success stories across many enterprise-level pharmaceutical companies, we understand the unique and critical role that Big Pharma plays within the life sciences industry.

International Companies

International Companies

If you’re planning to expand into the US market, Cornerstone will expertly guide the process. We know the answers to your questions from typical compensation to local hiring laws, so you instantly gain 20 years of expertise in the marketplace. 

Our executive search consulting process tells your unique story to an unfamiliar marketplace and can help guide critical decisions as you make your first impression here in the US.


With funding in place, the next hurdle is to assess the ever-changing market and effectively grow. Cornerstone has partnered with countless startup life sciences companies to help them do just that.

Growing exponentially in a short period of time has proven to be incredibly challenging in this industry. Cornerstone uses its 20-plus years of expertise to guide you in navigating this incredibly complicated process, offering a one-stop executive search consulting for every unique situation you run into.

Specialized, All-in-one Consultancy Practice
Trust One Search Firm


As venture capital and private equity continue to pour into the life sciences space, Cornerstone is positioned with unparalleled industry experience.  

Whether here in the US or globally, Cornerstone has worked with the most prominent VC and PE firms in the business to place executives and board members throughout their portfolio of companies.


In the ever-changing landscape of the US generics market, one constant is Cornerstone’s commitment to customizing our efficient search offerings to this highly specialized and unique marketplace.

Whether you’re a start-up or established player – specialty, injectable, OSD, liquid or compound pharmacy – our team has 20+ years of expertise to find the specialized talent you need. 

Generics/Manufactruring & Operations


Non-profits are special entities within the life sciences space – seeking to treat the forgotten patients who need it most. Cornerstone mirrors this mission and has a true appreciation for these organizations.

For over 15 years, we have partnered with non-profits by offering executive search consulting and finding the right altruistic candidates to move your critical missions forward. 

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