Now you have the funding in place, and you need to assess
the ever-changing, dynamic market and effectively grow.

As a smaller, relatively unknown organization, you face the incredible challenge of growing exponentially in a short period of time. Cornerstone’s 20-plus years of expertise navigating this complicated process offers a one-stop solution for every unique situation.

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Customizing Your Services

Our flexible, customized search offerings allow you to choose the level of service you require.

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Listening to Your Story

Candidates need a compelling story. We will uncover what differentiates you in the market, learn your culture, understand your goals and address objections.

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Making the First Impression

Leave it to our team of senior-level Partners with an average tenure of 15+ years to directly communicate to all candidates.

Building a Brand

Cornerstone has spent more than two decades in startup executive search for life sciences. We work closely with your executive team to develop the right strategic approach in order to build brand awareness in this highly competitive space.


Specialized, All-in-one Consultancy Practice

In addition to the core startup executive search services offered, Cornerstone’s Consultancy Practice can provide startups with a full suite of human resource services, partnering directly with your executive team and allowing them to focus elsewhere.

Services include talent acquisition, operations, administration, business partner, and benefits/compensation.

Cornerstone’s Partners have a rich history of serving start-up organizations. For over 20 years we have sat side-by-side, every step of the way with startup executives to navigate their critical and timely needs across executive search, expansions, leadership/culture assessment, market mapping, human resources suite, and real-time market intelligence.

Specialized, All-in-one Consultancy Practice

Other Areas of Industry Expertise