Your company is growing, expanding or changing: have you planned your next hire? Do you know if your ideal candidate even exists?

Over 20 years of Data
and Every Current Market Trend

The market is dynamic and constantly changing. By the time third-party market data is finally published and offered at a high cost, it’s too late. Cornerstone lives and breathes the life sciences market every day and has done so for over 20 years. We have current data and can offer insight on future trends, while also giving you up-to-the-minute real-time evidence of the market.

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Talent Pipelining

Making the financial investment in any executive retained search is an important decision. Before doing so, let Cornerstone show you the talent that exists for the opening you have. Know the talent before making the decision to hire.

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Market Mapping

The market is ever-changing. What you wanted yesterday might not exist tomorrow. Be confident the market exists for your search. We provide a clear picture of the up-to-date market allowing you to move forward with confidence.

IAVI engaged CornerstoneSG to recruit a Vice President of Business Development and Alliance Management. With their deep network in life sciences, they were able to find highly qualified candidates from across the pharmaceutical industry and academia. We would use CornerstoneSG in the future, and recommend their services.

— Ana Cespedes, Chief Operating Officer
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Who needs Market Mapping
and Talent Pipelining Services?

At Cornerstone Search Group, all we do is pharma/biotech industry executive search, giving us a unique perspective on the market. We compile all the data and benchmarking that the larger surveyors sell, and the truth is, by the time the data is published, it’s obsolete. While retrospective data can offer trends, only through consistent, daily interaction with clients and candidates, can we offer the most critical data – in real-time.

As the industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the war for talent becomes tighter and tighter. Whether you are a start-up, a mid-sized biotech, or a large pharmaceutical company, we provide the market intel, data, and benchmarking related to compensation, titles, structure, benefits and more, so you can make the right hiring decisions.

Our Partners sit down with the hiring team and, as we always do first, listen and learn. What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in the market? How quickly do you want to hire? What can you afford to compensate? What is your culture/environment? How are your benefits? Will you offer relocation? Will you offer sign-on bonuses?

We start by understanding you, then we can help you understand your unique position in the market. Finally, we can offer you a comprehensive view on how you compare to the competition.

Whether you are looking for talent pipelining or market mapping,
we give you the confidence to forge forward in a realistic, pragmatic manner
that best suits your particular needs.

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