Our Clinical and Medical Practice was founded in 2001 and is our longest-standing area of focus at the firm. We have helped many of the finest life sciences companies in the world grow their clinical and medical teams.

Dedicated, Consistent Expertise

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Top Network

Cornerstone’s proprietary Clinical & Medical candidate database has been built over 20 years and is based on relationships, not a diluted professional social network.

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Decades of Expertise Across All Functions

Clinical development, medical affairs, clinical operations, RWE, program/project management, data science, HEOR, regulatory affairs, quality, drug safety and biometrics.

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Proven Global Experience

Our practice has led countless searches in the US and around the globe from CMO through clinical trial management build-outs for Big Pharma, mid-sized companies, biotech and start-ups.

Cornerstone is simply the best executive search company out there. They have a deep understanding of the industry and are extremely professional in their approach. They found the perfect candidate for our senior leadership position, and we couldn’t be happier with their service.

— Elizabeth Robinson
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An All-in-one Trusted Partner

The Cornerstone Clinical & Medical Practice Team has seen everything across the life sciences landscape. The team is co-led by Partners, each with over 18 years of tenure.

Cornerstone is known globally for our expertise within this practice and we have assisted companies of every shape and size.

An All-in-one Trusted Partner

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Cornerstone realizes that your need to find clinical & medical talent is unique. We offer several solutions and can customize each to your specific requirements.

Our Executive Search model is ideal if you are looking to hire your next chief medical officer or another critical specific department leader. This can also be supplemented with our leadership assessment expertise to assure you are hiring the right executive.

If you need to grow out a team across any specific discipline, our talent mapping or build-out approach offers a cost-effective solution to growing a team quickly.

Searches We've Completed In This Area

Connect with our Executive Leadership Team so we can learn more about you, understand your needs, build the right Practice Area Leadership Team and customize the appropriate solution.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Development Officer

Clinical Development Physicians (link to our Physician Leadership Practice – send to the “Start Customizing Your Search” section)

Medical Affairs Physicians (link to our Physician Leadership Practice – send to the “Start Customizing Your Search” section)

Clinical Operations:

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Real-World Evidence:

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD

Health Economics Outcomes Research:

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Regulatory Affairs:

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance:

  • Head/SVP/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD – Medical
  • Head/VP/ED/SD/SD/Dir/AD – Operational
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Clinical Quality Assurance:

  • Head/ED/SD/Dir/AD


  • Head/SVP/VP/ED
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out


  • Head/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Data Management:

  • Head/VP/ED/SD/Dir/AD
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Program/Project Management:

  • Head/SVP/ED/SD/Dir/AD
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Scientific Communications:

  • Head/ED/SD/Dir

Medical Scientific Liaisons:

  • Head/ED/SD/Dir
  • Department Growth Expansion/Build-out

Other Functional Areas of Expertise