We are all living and working in a very dynamic and exciting time. There is a clear message permeating the workplace here in the US and globally: diversity, equity and inclusion are needed more than ever, and companies are listening. Change is happening at an increasing pace and the demands for more and better DE&I are well warranted.

Cornerstone Search Group has always held a core belief that diverse thoughts, ideas and leaders drive companies to perform at their highest achievable level and have witnessed this time and again. This groundbreaking progress requires executive search firms to do more to maintain our momentum.

Our core DE&I beliefs at Cornerstone don’t stop in the workplace. We continue to lead DE&I efforts throughout our communities and thrive to do more.

Executive Search
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Diversity Within Cornerstone

Over 50% of employees are female.  

Over 40% of employees are first-generation immigrants.

LGBTQ community: Our CEO’s family founded the first LGBTQ parent group in Livingston, NJ.

We support Shiv’s Third Eye which supports at-risk youth.

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Candidate Diversity

Focused strictly within the diversity-rich life sciences industry for over 20 years, Cornerstone has embraced our ability to help people of all races, cultures, genders, and other diverse backgrounds.

Over 50% of the candidates that we help our clients hire come from diverse backgrounds.

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Diversity Training

Cornerstone’s team is dedicated to consistently training and certifying our team across various DE&I initiatives in order to recruit the most well-rounded talent for our clients.

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Client Diversity

Cornerstone has developed diverse client relationships across the globe including the US, EU, A-Pac and South America.

We have further partnered with international non-profits with the specific mission of helping underserved countries in Africa receive better treatment options.